Andrew McGuier is a programmer with a keen interest in farming, a musician-photographer grease monkey, and a hot-rodding kareteka.  This digital dumping ground represents one more attempt to weave the divergent threads of his life into one meaningful surface.  Welcome to his world.

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  1. hey musashi…its Bryce here from FH…dont know if this will reach you but if it does send me an email…im wondering what happened to FH or if its dead for sure or maybe we can make another comeback that might work?

  2. margil_mireles@yahoo.com…..wanna make sure you got it

  3. Hello, I noticed you submitted a change to the PhotoSwipe to include vertical scroll within the plugin. Any chance I could get the final .js that you are currently using for this? I have been having trouble building it from the Github.

    Thank you.