Bandwagon Time

It’s a brand new year, so I guess it’s the traditional time to make a giant list of promises that we pledge ourselves to, and then forget by mid January. In no particular order, my list is as follows.

  • Write More: I used to write a lot, and I’ve gotten out of the habit. This post is my first step towards this resolution. Maybe this time I won’t fall off the wagon and not write anything for a year.
  • Get Back Into Reasonable Shape: I don’t think this one requires explanation. I’m already about 6 lbs in the right direction. Hopefully 5k’s and better swimming time to follow.
  • Build Something Useful and Sell/Open Source It: I write code all day for other people. I’m feeling a real itch to try my hand at something micro-entreprenurial. I’m already doing some side work in machine learning but that isn’t for sale. This will also help me avoid my nasty habit of procrastination through learning frameworks/programming language. My source repository is littered with half baked ideas for started projects. I’d like to finish a project this year
  • Help Plan My Wedding: I don’t think this one is optional anyway.
  • Get My Life Organized: Last year was pretty chaotic. I bought a house, got engaged, changed teams at work, etc. A lot of organizational cruft has built up around the house. I’m notoriously bad at this kind of thing anyway, so I have a feeling this will be a hard one to accomplish
  • Take Some Vacation Time For Myself Last year I didn’t take a single day of vacation that wasn’t purposed for a comittment/travling/etc. I’d like to take a few days just to relax this year.

So that’s my list, and I’m sticking to it. Maybe. We’ll see how Jaunuary goes, I guess.